During the Corona pandemic, when the country was facing various problems, the ATRA   administration was able to launch  the fiber-optic connection project to 32 provincial hospitals , 25 provincial departments of the Ministry of Public Health and 62 districts offices . Fortunately, up to 95% of project work has been done  . along with OFC connection ATRA established and  provided the  telemedicine equipments  for three remote provincial hospitals and a central farm plot at  the Ministry of Public Health , and  for the districts  ATRA provided  information technology equipments to 62 districts for continues  connection to the central government .  with the applying of  above project, it has positive effect on the treatment of patients in the remote province and the information of the provinces and districts has been transferred to the central gov. and get back directions  very fast .

The launch of the above project has positive results to fight with corona virus pandemic