H.E President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Meets ATRA Senior Officials and Telecom Companies CEOs

H.E President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met ATRA senior officials and CEOs of the telecom companies at Presidential Palace. It was talked in the meeting about joint ties between ATRA and telecom companies, transparency of telecom services, expansion of optical fiber networks, further investment in telecom sector, sector problems regarding tax levy and frequency, land and access to bank debts.

President stated that, “legal issues of the telecom sector to be solved and the relevant authorities are required to cooperate telecom companies in relation to security and electricity provisioning on a multilateral basis”. Asadullah Ghazanfar, Cultural Advisor to the president later read out president’s decree in which necessary instructions were given to the relevant authorities in relation to encouraging further investment in telecom sector, management and improvement of affairs by governmental authorities so as to provide access to land, governmental properties and installations for expanding infrastructures and telecom services sector, ensuring electricity for telecom companies, receiving debts from local banks for extending important infrastructures of the sector, providing better conditions for employment and investment and investigating taxes level of the sector.

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