Job Vacancies

Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) intends to recruit new staff members for the following posts through a competitve process in the following departments: Click HERE to download the application form. Fill out the form and send it to:

No. Job Title Related Dept Closing Date
1 New  Licensing Manager Licensing Dept 13-Nov-2017
2 New Manager for the Prevention of Illegal Telecom Services Monitoring & Control 13-Nov-2017
3 New Manager of Innovation Provincial Affairs 13-Nov-2017
4 New Team Leader of Broadcasting  Spectrum Management 13-Nov-2017
5 New Team Leader of Cumstomer Complaints Licensing 13-Nov-2017
6 New Employee of Innovation Dept Provincial Affairs 13-Nov-2017
7 New Database Employee (HR) HR 13-Nov-2017
8 New Professional Member of Internet & Telecom Services (Zabul Province) Monitoring & Control 13-Nov-2017
9 New Receptionist Documentation Dept 13-Nov-2017
10 Director of Monitoring & Control Monitoring & Control 18-10-2017
11 Board Legal Advisor ATRA BOARD 10-10-2017
12 Technical Specialist to ATRA ATRA BOARD 10-10-2017