Kabul University to connect with South Asia Research Center

Date: 28-May-2017

A two project contract was signed between ATRA and Afghan Telecom by Mr. Naqibullah Sailab, Vice-Chairman ATRA Board and Mr. Mohammad Sahrif Amin, Acting President Aghan Telecom.
The first project worths 6,171,084 Afs is to be funded through TDF and as a result Kabul Universty is connected with South Asia Research Center and it will be exploited for one year. The second project worths 55,309,34 Afs is funded through TDF and will be completed by Afghan Telecom within one year and consequenctly 15 governmental univesrities including Logar, Bamyan, Badkhshan, Maidan Wardak, Baghlan, Kundz, Nangarhar Univesity, Herat, Herat Education and Female University, Balkh Education, Balkh Medical faculty, Kunar and Paktika Universities shall be provided with internet services for one year.