ATRA Holds a Coordination Meeting with Telecom Companies

ATRA held a coordination meeting with representatives of telecom service providers to discuss the current status of telecom sector in terms of new development, existing challenges, future plans and actions for better coordination and mutual management actions.

Addressing the participants, Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi Chairman of ATRA pointed out that ATRA is to better provide a fair ground for all telecom operators to expand networks and enhance the provisioning of quality services as well as to seek possible solutions for the issues of common concerns.
Pointing out the significance of SIM registration, ATRA Chairman expressed the commitment of the Authority for protecting all legal rights of both customers and service providers as stated in the Telecom Law. He also talked about the role and responsibilities of the Operators to comply with provisions of applicable laws and rules of the authority.
Afterwards ATRA officials and the representatives of the MNOs discussed topics of mutual issues and set forth suggestions exchanging their viewpoints regarding telecom services in the country.  Following a detailed discussion regarding the sector problems and their respective solutions, ATRA authorities gave guidelines for further actions and better coordination.
In order to provide better facilities for the compatriots, it was stressed that the coordination meetings to be held in the first week of each month on a regular and contiguous basis and joint activities to be carried out to address problems and develop telecommunication services.