ATRA Holds a Meeting with Representatives of the Telecom Companies Regarding IVR

ATRA responsible bodies exchanged views with the telecom companies’ representatives on how customers’ care systems (IVR) are operated within the companies.
The meeting stressed on the ATRA Board decision, dated 7-3-1394 that states “Up to three IVR services, for every customer, should be free of charges per week and 2.5 Afs/minute shall be charged for every additional call.
It was pointed out in the meeting on ensuring customers’ call within a minute with the relevant operators since some companies have taken actions in this respect but some of them have not paid any attention in this regard.
Commercials advertisements during customers’ call was also discussed in the meeting and the issue was termed something contradicting accepted principles due to unwished costs and desires of the customers.
It was further mentioned in the meeting that the companies have classified their customers and consequently those having more calls are connected without delay  with the operators and those in low priority  their calls was not answered more than the considered extent.
“A number of customers disturb the companies’ staff as services are free, and it was suggested if free calls are limited or there shall be a charge, less disturbance will occur”, said and added representatives of the telecom companies posing their problems later in the meeting.
After multilateral exchange of views, it was decided that ATRA shall decide and notify the companies in this regard after some considerations and investigations.