ATRA Board Chairman and Senior Officials visit Kabul Blind Vocational School

Date: 2-July-2017

Dr. Mohammad Najeed Azizi, Board Chairman and senior officials of ATRA visited Kabul Blind Vocational School. During the visit, Mr. Azizi spoke to a number of students, teachers, Admin staff of the school and donated some cash to the students. ATRA recently provided the school with technical equipment including 10 computer deks, 10 chairs, a digital camera, a 32 inch wall TV, a 5 KW power generator, a 5 KW stabilizer, a printer with its tuners, a memdium size scanner, two laptops, an XGA model scanner, and five bottles of cleansing spray.
Assessing the needs of the school, Mr. Azizi and the delegate promised that ATRA will continue their contributions by providing this vocational school with technical assistance within the scope of universal access programs through the Ministry of Education.