A Meeting Held in regard with Government Coordination for Open Access Policy Implementation

Date: 30-Nov-2016
A consultative meeting was organized for coordinating Open Acees Policy implementation between government organizations with Mr. Saed Ahmad Shah Saadat, IT Deputy Minister, Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Board Chairman, ATRA senior officials, and representatives of relevant ministries and organizations.

Addressing participants, Mr. Saed Ahmad Shah Saadat said that, “creating Open Access Policy and coordinating the policy implementation in the country can better facilitate opportunities and conditions for efficient and non-discriminatory use of existing telecommunication infrastructure including optical fiber network”.  So, the issue of coordination was discussed with the relevant ministries and organizations in respect to cooperation with private sector.
Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi then touched upon the issue and said that, “telecom and internet services were solely provided on a non- inclusive basis through optical fiber by Afghan Telecom so far but now by implementing Open Access Policy the private companies will also have the opportunity to invest for provision of internet services and expansion of infrastructures including optical fiber and thus internet service will be more expanded in the country”.
A presentation was presented in the meeting and after a comprehensive discussion, it was agreed that all the concerned government organizations shall jointly work on developing a procedure in regard with providing enabling environment and coherent coordination for better implementation of Open Access Policy.