A Joint Meeting Held on Prescribing Legitimate Terms for Preventing SIM Boxes Operation

Date: 27-Sep-2016
A joint meeting was organized among representatives from Ministries of Justice, Economy, Interior, NSD, Chambers of Commerce, Telecom companies and ATRA on enacting and developing legitimate conditions in regard to prevention of illegal SIM Boxes operation.

Addressing the meeting, Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Board Chairman informed the participants about issues on SIM Boxes and the requirement for prescribing penal terms in the existing legal framework to prevent illegal operation in the country. Having exchanged views and comprehensive discussions, a format was distributed to the representatives in order to collect comments and suggestions from stakeholders. It was pointed out that the comments and suggestion to be sent within a week in writing to ATRA. ATRA will share those with Ministry of Justice to prepare a blueprint to the Council of Ministers for approval and further processing.