Meeting on Spam Messages Issue Held Between ATRA and MNOs

A meeting on spam messages or deceptive SMSs receiving by consumers was held between officials of Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) and representatives of MNOs.
The participants discussed the customer complaints and problems in regard to spam messages containing deceptive advertising information being sent to subscribers from unknown originating addresses.
During the meeting, ATRA officials guided the telecom operators to take immediate and necessary measures including technical and public awareness, to resolve the mentioned problems.

The meeting also discussed the calls billing messages and the MNOs were directed to use the common format approved for the purpose and to send its respective subscribers the billing messages containing information about the credit consumed, time duration and remaining balance at the end of each call in order to provide necessary information to customers regarding their credits.

ATRA also instructed the MNOs to use the format set for billing message to inform their 3G subscribers at the end of each time internet usage about consumed and remaining volume of data.