Sessions held with MNOs for improving quality of telecom services


Officials of Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ATRA) hold meetings with the representatives of telecom services providers to improve the quality of services in the country. The meetings were organized in line with the presidential decree 45 dated July 26, 2012 in regard to improving telecom services.
In the meetings the officials of ATRA and representatives of MNOs discussed the results about the quality of telecom services received during a recent field survey by ATRA in a number of provinces. During the session, the MNOs were directed to take steps in improving the quality of telecom services. The telecom companies were given a timeline to address and manage the existing shortages until the next survey which is going to be conducted by ATRA in the future. In case of their failure to do so, legal actions will be taken by the authority. ATRA continues actions in the light of the decree.