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  • Draft Policy / Consultation Paper on Spectrum Assignment for Mobile Broadband Services
  • ATRA Notice of Public Consultation.
  • Where a responsible telecom company or another person distributes a SIM card against the law, they are sentenced to two years in prison as medium imprisonment.
  • 2. Any person distributes a SIM card registered or not to a name is sentenced to punishments set out within clause (1) of this article.
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  • A Notice from ATRA
    All dear compatriots, telecom companies and distributors for telecom companies’ SIM cards are hereby notified that SIM registration and distribution is only made through telecom companies’ official distributors and sellers holding SIM card sale license permit from ATRA according to conditions contained within SIMs Registration Procedure. Where a person sells or distributes SIMs without holding license permit from ATRA, the distributor and telecom companies are introduced to the judicial bodies of the country for investigating criminal aspects of the case in addition to imposition of fines predicted within Telecom Law, thus, they have no right of complaint later.

With Regards,

Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA)

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ATRA intends to issue local and metropolitan Fiber Optic Transmission Licenses to the applicants. The interested parties may submit Their applications to the Legal and Licensing Dept of ATRA, 9th Floor, MCIT Building, as well as review RFP and obtain required information from the Dept.

The Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority ,hereby invites all interested parties to apply for licenses for the installation and operation of Fiber Optic Transmission Network, the RFP can be downloaded from the following links:


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