Authority & Functions

Duties and authorities of ATRA‏

In order to achieve the objectives provided for in this law, the ATRA shall have the following duties and authorities:

  1. Regulate and supervise Operators and Service Providers, in accordance with the provisions of this law;
  2. Supervise compliance by Operators and Service Providers with international obligations entered into by Afghanistan in the telecommunications sector;
  3. Provide advice to Ministry of Communications in development of policies, when needed;
  4. Issue licenses in accordance with the provisions of this law;
  5. Prepare and publish forms relating to issuance of licenses in accordance with this Law;
  6. Monitor and control compliance with the conditions included in licenses and the provisions of this law, and make such decisions as are necessary in the context;
  7. Assign radio frequencies and grant permits to licensees, in accordance with the national frequency allocation table referred through the Spectrum Management Department;
  8. Modify, renew, suspend or revoke licenses and permits, in accordance with this law and other enforced laws;
  9. Respond to complaints of users and dispose of the disputes involving Operators and Service Providers, users and other persons, including interconnection, access to and quality of service, numbering, privacy, unacceptable interference and quality of the networks or services of grantees and other services;
  10. Specify and approve technical standards for telecommunication equipment and devices;
  11. Establish and maintain the numbering plan and assign numbers to applicants;
  12. Establish shares of [contributions to] the Telecom Development Fund and supervise the manner for spending thereof;
  13. Develop a plan for regulating the affairs related to expenditures of the Telecom Development Fund and the manner for using such funds, in consultation with the Ministry of Communications;