World Telecommunication Day Celebrated

Date: 24-May-2017
World Telecommunication Day was celebrated in an auspicious ceremony under the theme of (Big Data for Big Interest). His Excellency Engineer Mohammad Khan, First Vice-Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mr. Saed Ahmad Shah Sadaat, Acting Telecommunication & IT Minister, Mrs. Salamat Azimi, Counter-Narcotics Minister, ATRA Chairman, senior officials of ATRA, lower house representatives, telecom companies’ representatives, foreign and local guests and a number of media representatives participated in the ceremony organized on the occasion.

Acting Telecommunication Minister delivered comprehensive speeches on background, current activities and future plans for the telecom sector. “ Afghanistan has signed memorandum of undestandings with India and China in fiber optic and sattellite fields and Afghan Sat2 will be propelled on the space in future, attempts are to expand fiber optic to rural areas and villages, a procedure shall be prepared for SIM registration in consultation with members of lower house and the professional, new programs have been invented for encouraging the country youth, Cyber Security Law has been developed and submitted to the Ministry of Justice on cyber crimes, further, 22 universities of the country have been connected with internet utilizing ATRA TDF fund and work for internet connectivity of other 16 universities is in progress, and major ways of country will be under telecom coverage in cooperation with ATRA. Work for Big Data Center that maintains all Afghan sites within is underway; a procedure for transparency process of 10% telecom fee is as well in progress. Some measurments have been taken for independence of ATRA and as a result ATRA shall carry out its activities as an independent authority afterwards”, he said about efforts for digitalized Afghanistan.
Having congratulated on this occasion, First Vice-Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan stressed on creating and strenghtening of national data center by Telecommunication Ministry that safely keeps the total data of the country and futher provides information on past, current and future status of telecommunication and ICT, digital system safety and identifies what activities and progresses have been made. He also asked the religious scholars and stake-holders for their collaboration in order to promote and propagate culture for good and reasonable use of internet.

Mrs, Gulalai Akbary, Telecommunication and Transportaion Commission Director of the Upper House, appreciated telecommunication and ICT achievements later and said,” telecom companies should be segregated and categoraized in terms of acitivies so that any companies have neglected in regard to their activies should be seriously under scrutiny and further national and international criteria and priciples shall be used to reform them”. She also emphasized on SIM registration and the supervision thereof.

Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Board Chairman, had vast speeches on importance of telecommunication, internet and big data and said that, “it is time to get telecom sector rid of constraints so that the sector should have enough expansion and ATRA shall make serious efforts as 4G new telecom services have been announced in the country that as a result economic activies will be enabled”.
“Individual freedom is the legal right of each member of society and as well freedom and confidentiality of the peoples’ telecom and post either in letter form or telephone, telegraph and the other means, is safe from any attack based on 37 article of consititution”, he said. He also added that, “the country citizens may contact (999) and (998) numbers of ATRA Complaints unit that is operational for 24 hours so as to solve their problems with telecom companies”. Mr. Mohammad Hasehm Paiman, AWCC representative, spoke about the company future plans and activities in the end. It is worth mentioning that message of ITU General Secretary was read out too.