Projects for Kabul University Male Hostel Computer Lab and Optical Fiber Networking for Kabul Medical University funded through ATRA TDF Inaugurated and Exploited

Kabul university male hostel computer lab and Kabul Medical university optical fiber networking projects were inaugurated and exploited in a ceremony held at the headquarters of Kabul university with the presence of Mr. Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, Mr. Ahmad Sear Mahjoor, Admin and Finance Deputy Higher Education Minister, Kabul university chancellor and deans and Kabul Medical University Director.

Speaking in the ceremony, Mr. Saed Bilal Hashemy stated that, “ATRA has 25 universal access projects with country ministries on hand and the most share comes to Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health”. He also said that, “ATRA has allocated 381 million Afghani for funding 27 projects of Ministry of Higher Education and Kabul univesity male hostel computer lab and as well Kabul Medical University are amongst those projects and have been exploited today”. Mr. Hashemy explianed ATRA has crucial commitment with Ministry of Higher Education for providing equal internet services to the Afghanistan universities students and would cooperate the ministry for funding and equipping internet centers too.

Appreciating ATRA cooperation’s for funding such projects and supporting country educational system, Dr. Ahmad Sear Mahjoor, Admin and Finance Deputy Higher Education Minister, said that, “Creating computer lab for Kabul University male hostel has special importance and this center helps the students in regard to scientific researches and promotes their capacity”. Mr. Mahjoor asked the responsible bodies of this center to efficiently use the possibilities provided by ATRA and take in to account their serious care toward maintaining the equipment.

Admiring ATRA cooperation’s, Mr. Hameedullah Farooqi, Kabul University Chancellor, termed creating the center a positive step for promoting students’ professional and specialization capacities and asked ATRA for more attention toward funding such projects.

Point out to the projects funded by ATRA, Mrs. Shukuria Jalam, IT Director for Ministry of Higher Education, explained that, “ATRA has 27 IT  projects on hand in three sectors ( internet bandwidth, networking and creating labs) with country universities in the current year”.

It is worth mentioning that equipping Kabul University Male Hostel worth’s more than 12 million Afghani and optical fiber networking for Kabul Medical University ( Abu Ali Sina) Departments interconnectivity worth’s 2 million and eight hundred thousand Afghani funded and established through ATRA TDF.