Pamir and Wakhan Elders and the Influential Thank ATRA for Approval of Two Telecom Antennas

A meeting was organized between Mr. Omar Mansoor Ansari, ATRA Acting-Chairman, and elders of Pamir and Wakhan districts of Badakhshan province in respect with installation of telecom antennas there and the elders said, “Pamir and Wakhan inhabitants are seriously deprived of life facilities and this is the first time ATRA opens a page for these people and provides them with opportunity to access telecommunication by approving installation of 2 telecom antennas for these areas, funded by TDF”

 “ Expanding telecom services for villages and rural areas of the country is amongst priorities of this authority and a number of 350 telecom antennas are to be installed in the near future for different areas of the country, funded by TDF”, said Mr. Ansari.