Online Process for Customers’ Complaints Investigation and Registration within ATRA

Discussions were made on mechanism for online registration and investigation of the customers’ complaints in the meeting organized between ATRA Customer Care Unit and representatives of the telecom companies; the system was explained to the companies by Licensing and Legal Department of ATRA.

Speaking in the meeting, Mr. Nazer Hussain Raihani, Customer Care Head,  termed the purpose of online process for customer’s complaints registration facilitating and speeding up investigation the complaints and problems. The system, to investigate the complaints through ATRA, has been designed in a manner that the complaints are referred online to the companies with least time, and the companies then provide ATRA with actions and information through the system on investigating the complaint without wasting time as he said.

The companies were requested in the meeting to strictly cooperate in regard to complaints registered by ATRA on a timely manner so as to investigate the complaints in a better way.

CUstomer's Complaints