Ministry of Women’s Affairs IT Lab and Server Rooms Projects inaugurated and exploited

Mr. Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, with Mrs. Dilbar Nazar, Minister of Women’s Affairs, inaugurated and exploited projects for providing IT Lab and Server Rooms of the ministry funded by TDF.

Speaking in the inauguration ceremony, Mrs. Nazary termed the projects important and significant and appreciated ATRA cooperation. She added,” Ministry of Women’s Affairs has currently access to technology facilities supported and funded by ATRA”.

“ATRA has the honor that has been able to take steps towards equipping Women’s Affairs Ministry with modern technology besides its other programs”, stated Mr. Hashemy in his speeches. He also added, “ATRA has on hand ICT projects with 24 ministries in the current year and five of those are with the ministry of women’s affairs as the two completed and exploited and the rest would be completed later with cooperation of the ministry”.

Mrs. Nabeelah Musleh, Women’s Affairs Admin and Finance Deputy Minister, also termed conducting such projects important for the ministry in regard to addressing problems in her speeches and stated, “The ministry had a lot of problems and challenges in this respect but now a lot of those have been solved by support of ATRA and implementing the projects”.

It is worth mentioning that totally 20 million Afghani has been allotted to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs through TDF in the current year for the five projects and 6 million has been spent by completing the two projects so far.