Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) reduces internet prices

Date: 07-Feb-2017
MCIT announced 20% reduction for internet service prices in a press release. Mr. Saed Ahmad Shah Sadaat, Technical Deputy and acting- Minister said, “Telecom companies purchased 1 MB internet from Kazakistan for 336 $USD, from Pakistan for 120 $ USD and from Iran for 180 $USD before, but they are fortunately purachsing 1MB internet from Kazakistan for 268 $USD, from Pakistan for 96 $USD and from Iran for 144 $USD now, thus, it shows 20% reduction for internet prices”.
“Such discounts are applicable from now on and MCIT follows up the issue seiously. If telecom companies do not transfer this discount to the customers, the discount will be taken from them”, added Mr. Sadaat. He also said, “MCIT is trying to pave the way for 4G services in the near future”. ATRA Senior Officials were as well present in this session.