Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Celebrates the National Week of the Constitution

Date:  4-Jan-2017
A session was held in Ministry of Communication and Information Technology on this occasion and attended by Mr. Wahabuddin Sadaat, Admin and Finance Deputy-Minister, Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Board Chairman, officials of the Ministry, Mr. Mohammad Aref Hafez, representative for Oversight Commission for Implementation of the Constitution, and a number of media representatives.

Admin and Finance Deputy Minister spoke on the value of Constitution and said, “Constitution plays an important and valuable role for overall progress of Afghanistan, as well as institutional and functional frameworks and fulfillment of the activities”.  Further, he added, “It is one of the responsibilities of the government to enforce the constitution, all the community people are required to abide by it and they should actively take-part in its application”.
Representative for Independent Oversight Commission for Implementation of the Constitution then delivered his speech regarding value and significance of the Constitution and termed oversight for application of the Constitution as one of duties and authorizations of the Commission in all governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Addressing the participants, ATRA Chairman Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi had a comprehensive speech in this respect and said, “It is of a high importance to apply Constitution and recognize the principle of accountability in regard with the implementation of the Constitution in all fields of the governmental and non-governmental organizations. Everyone in the society should know the rights and authorizations have been assigned in the constitution whether those are observed or not”.
In the meeting, the Legal Advisor for the Ministry also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the value and role of the Mother Law.