IT Equipment provided for 50 Vocational and Technical Institutes in the current year

Discussion was made in a meeting between ATRA and Technical and Vocational Education Authority in the presence of Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman and Afghanistan Technical and Vocational Authority deputies on expenditure of the fund allocated by ATRA for the authority.

Mr. Hameed Akbar, Academic Deputy and Mr. Eidress Azam, Admin and Finance Deputy for Afghanistan Technical and Vocational Education Authority gave information on expenditure of 50 million Afghani allocated by ATRA in 1398 for the mentioned authority and said that, “50 technical and vocational institutes are to be equipped with IT Lab across the country with this amount and as well procurement and supply project for purchasing the equipment would be auctioned”.

Mr. Saed Bilal Hashemy mutually expressed pleasure for ATRA cooperation with academic centers and in particular technical and vocational education institutes and said, “It is an honor for ATRA cooperating with different academic, health and other relevant centers in regard with provision of IT equipment and use of such projects”.

“ATRA has allocated 100 million Afghani for Technical and Vocational Education Authority for 1399 and this amount could be spent for connecting institutes with optical fiber, providing internet service and IT equipment thereof”, added, Mr. Hashemy.

It is worth mentioning that totally 150 million Afghani has been allocated in 1398 and 1399 on IT projects of Technical and Vocational Education Authority through TDF, of course, 50 is for 1398 and the rest 100 million is for 1399.