International Girls In ICT Day celebrated

Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) celebrated International Girls In ICT Day in a ceremony participated by government officials and a large number of girls working in ICT field.

Welcoming and congratulating this day, Dr. Mohamamd Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Chairman, explained the participants activities carried out by ATRA  for capacity building and providing possibilities to the girls and young women of the country, and said that,“ATRA always continues to help and encourage the disabled and girls of the country in the field of ICT in addition to its other activities”.

He also added that, “A computer lab was established in Malika Suraya School on the occasion of International Girls In ICT Day few days back and as well smart phones were distributed to the girls from 5 to 12 grade classes of the Blind School”. “The work for establishing an equipped ICT center in Bagh Zanana (Women’s Garden) and Ministry of Women’s Affairs is in progress in order to encourage the girls and women of the country in the ICT field and provide them with further access to this sector”, he stated.

 “ATRA developed a five year roadmap for telecom sector last year and the implementation for this roadmap is rapidly in process”, he added. To connect educational and cultural centers and public service to the optical fiber network is one of the priorities of ATRA so as to provide 3G and 4G services to dear countrymen through telecom companies by 2023. All country governmental universities will be equipped with high speed internet, more than 300 districts will be connected to the internet and more than 5000 schools will be equipped with computer and internet equipment across the country as per this road mad. More than 80% population of the country will practically use internet in urban areas, districts and rural areas by 2023 based the roadmap and over 50 Majids and madrasas to be tentatively connected to internet this year.

Mr. Shazad Gul Aryubi, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, thanked ATRA for organizing this ceremony and stressed on women’s role in ICT sector. He also added that, “Women are working at high levels of government and private entities leadership and have shown good competencies as Afghanistan Robotic girls could show their initiative at international level”. “International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated in 171 countries on annual basis and the purpose is to encourage and support them in the ICT sector”, he said.