In continuation of efforts for electronic government, cooperation and coordination meeting was held between leaderships of ATRA, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and National Radio and TV today

Mr. Omar Mansoor Ansari, ATRA Acting Chairman and Technical Vice Chairman, Mr. Mohammad Faheem Hashimi, Acting Minister of Communication and IT, and Mr. Ismail Maikhel, National Radio and TV Director, discussed on creation and strengthening server rooms and subsequently ATRA leadership pledged multilateral cooperation with both entities.

Mr. Mohammad Faheem Hashimi pointed out that Afghanistan holds a governmental data center which of modernization and renovation is in progress, and the World Bank would be ready to cooperate in regard to creation of another governmental data center after a study is carried out.

“They wanted to construct new installations in 9 acres land and National Radio and TV was ready dedicating land to them”, said Mr. Ismail Maikhel, National Radio and TV Director.

It is worth mentioning that H.E Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had a meeting with relevant organizations on e-government and digitalization and asked for accelerating the process.

ATRA is holding an important role in regard to technical and financial services affair for e-government within the frame of governmental entities.