Haji Abdul Rahman Masjid Computer Lab Exploited

Haji Abdul Rahman Masjid computer lab project was inaugurated and exploited by Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, and Dr. Aminuddin Muzafari, Professional Deputy Minister of Hajj and Religious Affairs in a ceremony held in the Masjid.

Speaking in the ceremony, Saed Bilal Hashemy expressed his pleasure for ATRA has been able to take step towards equipping religious centers with IT, and added “Technology use has its special value in religious affairs today, and thus ATRA is in attempt of expanding technology use in Masjids and Madrasas and as well connecting them with optical fiber”. He also expressed connecting Masjids with optical fiber and equipping those with IT possibilities provides the ground for country Masjids and Madrasas to get connected with world Islamic centers.

Appreciating ATRA cooperation for creating computer lab for Masjids and Madrasas, Dr. Aminuddin Muzafari added, “Technology use has its specific value in human beings’ life today”. He also explained access to electronic means and using them in Masjids and Madrasas is very important and asked the Masjids and Madrasas responsible to use and keep the equipment in a proper manner and as deposit.

It is worth mentioning that 12 computer labs for Masjids and 4 for Madrasas have been created in Kabul city in the current year Worthing 10 ten million Afghani and the amount has been funded through ATRA TDF.