First Emergency Telecommunication Regulatory Framework National Workshop Held for Afghanistan

ATRA organized the first national workshop for creating emergency telecommunication regulatory framework and provisioning telecom services in emergency cases for Afghanistan in participation with representatives of related ministries and entities such as Government High Commission for Counter-disaster, Ministry of State Affair for Counter-disaster, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Public Work, Ministry of Agriculture, WFP, Afghan Red Crescent, Chambers of Commerce, and Telecom and Internet representatives.

In the workshop, ATR Chairman spoke on value and establishment of national framework on providing emergency telecom service for Afghanistan and said, “Telecom role and position are very significant and important for ensuring communication and exchange of information in affected and vulnerable areas”.

He also added, “the main objective of this workshop is how to utiize ICT for rescuing people’s life and effeciently provide telecom services to the people befor, during and after disaster in affected areas. The chairman expressed his concern regarding traffic jam in emergency cases and promised to cooperate telecom companies for finding out solutions in this respect.

ATRA and representatives of all related entities participated the workshop gave their presentations regarding duties and responsibilites of related authorities for providing aid and telecom services to the affected and vulnerable areas. ATRA senior officials later calssified the presentations and divided the participants in to four catergories: 1. Policy and Regulation, 2. National Plan and Priorities, 3. Telecommunication and Services, and 4. Cooperationa and Management, for developing national framework in respect to emergency telecommunication. After long discussions, suggestions and comments of four working groups were separately presented and listend.

It was sressed in the end of the workshop that related athorities should shubmit their suggestions and comments to ATRA regarding emergency telecommuniction framework soon and subsequently a comprehensive framework to be developed as per their suggestions and experience and practical steps to be taken for the future process.