First E-payment Expo openned with collaboration of ATR in Kabul

First four day electronic-payment expo was held with collaboration of ATRA. The expo was organized in Kabul as per planned work of ATRA and further governmental and private banks, telecom and internet companies, telecom sector national trademen and service providers exhibited their products, devices, technologies and equipment in the expo.

Engineer Ata Mohammad Yari spoke on behalf of ATRA and said, “e-payment has a significant role for transparency and expansion of economic activities of all governmental and private sectors and service provision and also provides opportunity for the country to step towards stable economy”.

ATRA senior officials, government high ranking officials, local and foreign  guests and a large number of media representatives participated the expo.

It is worth mentioning that the expo would be open for the countrymen for four days to closely collect information on technology and e-payment service providing companies in the country.