Coordination Meeting Held Between ATRA and Ministry of Education in Regard to Universal Access Projects Progress

A meeting was organized between senior officials of Ministry of Education and ATRA chaired by Mr. Mohmmad Ibrahim Shinwari, General Education Deputy-Minister and discussed the progress for universal access projects.

At the outset of the meeting, Mr. Sayeb Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Finance and Admin Vice-Chairman, gave information on universal access projects progress and as well the problems in this respect. The General Education Deputy-Minister then expressed his comments and remarks in this regard and the sides stressed that comprehensive coordination is needed between the relevant entities for good and timely progress of projects and as well addressing problems and challenges, having had broad discussions.

It is to mention that in addition to other projects ATRA has on hand with different organizations, the authority also has 8 projects on hand with ministry of education on schools connectivity to optical fiber, creating IT Labs, providing internet bandwidth and preparing three dimension lesson videos, funded by TDF. All country schools are to be connected to optical fiber and benefitted from internet services, continuing the projects.