Constitution week celebrated

The MCIT Deputy Minister in Finance & Admin, representatives for Constitution Implementation Oversight Commission, senior officials and directors of the Ministry participated in a ceremony in respect with celeberation of the Constitution Week.

In his speech Deputy Minister expressed that Constitution plays a key role in development of our society. He pointed out the importance of the rule of Constitution in all aspects of governmental and non-governmental affairs as well as cultural, political, social and economic; Lives of the people. Mohammad Qasem Hasehmzai, representative for Constitution Implementation Oversight Commission, spoke on the value and impacts of the constitution and termed it necessary for all people and organizations to implement and practice it.
Ms. Zarghona Jalalzoy, Member of ATRA Board, also addressed the audience on the occasion and added that one of the responsibilities of the government is to implement the constitution, but people are also required to comply with its provisions”.
At the end of the ceremony, Noorullah Habibyar, Legal Advisor, and Malalai, Gender Director, of the Ministry had comprehensive speeches at the event.
Afghanistan government organizes a one week celebration of its national constitution of the country every year.