Call Center for State Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs Inuagurated with Financial and Technical Cooperation of ATRA

The center holds capacity for 500 calls per a day and Mr. Mansoor Ansari, ATRA Acting Chairman, explained that, “This center has been established through TDF fund”.

“ATRA is also busy on assessing internet system and is in attempt of supporting Internet Exchange Points in order to accelerate speed and decrease prices for internet, and further Afghanistan has such center and by establishing such points the prices for internet decrease, the speed accelerates and/ or internet traffic becomes local”, added Mr. Ansari.

He also added that, “ATRA has started working on investment in the fiber field since there is more load on Afghanistan wireless system and through national fiber the opportunity is facilitated for expanding home to home internet”.

“ATRA is intending to introduce a program under title of (E-Learning) in the upcoming days and through this students may obtain their lectures and lessons online without any access to the internet, and of course this is a local or internet program through which users may receive their lectures and lessons of universities, schools and technical and vocational institutions without any charges”, said Mr. Ansari.

A letter of appreciation was granted to Mr. Ansari in the end by Sate Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled Affairs since ATRA has been able to make ready and inaugurate an equipped call center in a short period and as a result it has facilitated opportunity for addressing the heirs of martyrs and disabled complaints and problems.

It is worth mentioning ATRA has already made major and basic cooperation with Ministries of Higher Education, Education, Communication, Information and Culture, Hajj and Religious Affairs, Women, Post Directorate, Science Academy and other governmental and private organizations in regard to optical fiber connectivity, internet for electronic government and equipping with modern technology.