ATRA Signs Contracts of 9th Universal Access Project (RTD-TBS sites)

Date: 03-Jan-2018
As per annual plan, Universal Access Department of ATRA signed contracts, worth 32 million USD with three telecom companies, Afghan Telecom, Roshan and AWCC for building 250 BTS sites in remote and rural areas of 34 provinces of the country for provision of telecom services.

Based on submitted offers, Roshan with the least subsidy won 137 sites, worth 19 million and 200,000 two hundred thousand USD, Afghan Wireless won 84 sites, worth 9 million and 487,000 four hundred eighty seven thousand USD, and Afghan Telecom won 29 sites, worthing 3 million 400,008 four hundred thousand and eight USD. About four hundred compatriots will be under telecom and internet services coverage and 800 eight hundred citizens of the country will be provided with employment opportunities, by completing this project.