ATRA Senior Officials Visit Gas and Fuel Institute of Balkh Province

ATRA senior officials chaired by Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, visited Gas and Fuel Institute of Balkh province.

Welcoming the officials for visiting the institute, Mr. Abbas Khan Sakhiyar, the institute Manager, expressed his pleasure thereof and gave information about background and activities of the institute to the officials. He also appreciated ATRA cooperation with the institute and added, “ATRA cooperation has been effective for the institute in regard to provision of information technology equipment and asked ATRA for further cooperation”.

Having heard the problems and needs of the institute, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman stated that, “ATRA is wihsing to equip governmental organizations including hospitals, universities, institutes, schools and other relevant entities with information technology and provide them with internet bandwidth; and further ATRA cooperation is in a continuous basis with the institute as per needs and suggestions”.