ATRA Senior Officials Visit Balkh Accounting and Management Institute ICT Projects

ATRA senior officals chaired by Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, visited ICT projects for Balkh Accounting and Management Institute.

Welcoming ATRA senior officials to Balkh province for visiting universal access projects, Mrs. Shugufa Waqef, Balkh Accounting and Management Institute Manager, expressed her pleasure and appreciated ATRA cooperation’s in this regard. She also added that, “There are still problems like lack of ICT equipment and access to internet services in the institute and that is a critical need for the students”.

Noting the institute problems and needs, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman said that, “ATRA as an independent authority and ICT service regulatory body works within the frame of government and may provide the citizens with services through TDF in two parts, the parts include installation of telecom towers in remote areas  for providing people with access to telecommunication and as well as equipping governmental organizations including hospitals, universities, schools, institutes and other relevant entities with ICT equipment and providing the internet bandwidth”.

“ATRA cooperation would be on a continuous basis with Balkh Accounting and Management Institute”, added Mr. Hashemy.