ATRA Senior Officials Visit Balk University

ATRA senior officials chaired by Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, traveled to Balkh province and met with Balkh University senior officials, teachers and students in the presence of Mr. Shujauddin Shuja, Balkh Deputy Governor, and as well visited universal access projects in the univesity.

Welcoming ATRA senior officials’ arrival there, Mr. Abdul Jabar Sheikhzadah, Balkh University Academic Deputy Chancellor, appreciated ATRA activities and cooperation. He also added that, “120 MB internet has been provided for the university by ATRA and this has been very effective but cannot solve teachers and students’ problems and it is therefore expected Balkh University should be cooperated further”.

Thanking ATRA senior officials, Mr. Shujauddin Shuja added that, “There are still problems despite of progress regarding telecom and internet services and thus ATRA attention is sought in this regard”.

Mr. Hashemy later gave detailed information in regard to ATRA activities and programs and added, “ATRA has equipped a number of governmental organizations in Balkh province, Mazari Sharif General Hospital, 8 schools, University and some other organizations so far and this project is in progress”. He also heard suggestions and comments of the university teachers and students and gave comprehensive Reponses to them in regard to their questions in relation to telecom services problems, internet services cost, SIM registration and optical fiber network connectivity in the country. “ATRA is equipping research centers, governmental organizations, hospitals and health centers, universities and schools with technology and as well providing them with internet bandwidth and it is further committed providing the countrymen and citizens with better speed”.