ATRA Senior Delegation Meets With Herat University Leadership and Visits ICT Installations There

Mr. Saed Bilal Hasehmy in the head of ATRA senior delegation met with Herat University board of directorate, computer science lecturers and ICT players and spoke about ICT role on today’s life and the development, in their travel to Herat province. Mr. Hashemy said in the meeting that, “ ATRA serves as a regulatory body for telecom services and ICT supporter and it is an honor it has been able to cooperate country universities, in particular, connecting Herat University with optical fiber and providing it with internet”.

Speaking about role and importance of ICT in today’s life, Dr. Abdullah Fayez, Herat University Dean, thanked ATRA for its cooperation’s and supports regarding development and propagation of ICT and described ATRA role eminent and remarkable for flourishing the services.

Herat University ICT problems were heard in the meeting and detailed speeches were made on how to improve ICT installations through ATRA for solving the issues.

It is worth mentioning that the delegation also visited ICT installations funded in the university through TDF.