ATRA Senior Delegation Meets Telecom and Internet Companies’ Responsible Bodies in Herat Province

ATRA senior delegation left Kabul for Herat so as to attend the first ICT exhibit and inspect telecommunication there, met with responsible bodies of the telecom and internet companies.

Welcoming the delegation to Herat province, the companies’ responsible bodies gave information about their activities and services in the meeting. They also shared their problems, challenges and questions in regard to ICT services.

Mr. Nader Sha Arian, Director for provinces coordination and liaison of ATRA, appreciated the efforts made by the companies for Herat people and asked them to make further efforts for providing services so that the people have bear no problem in this respect there. Regarding solutions for problems and challenges of the companies, Mr. Arian stated, “ATRA has and would have necessary programs for supporting and solving their problems in cooperation and consultation with the sector”.