ATRA Holds a Meeting with Telecom Companies regarding their operations in Ghazni Province

After government armed enemies launched vast attacks in Ghazni province, entire communication was disconnected and a large number of telecom antennas were destroyed by armed enemies, and telecom networks services were stopped on a temporary basis due to severe security threats.

A joint meeting was organized between ATRA senior officials and telecom companies’ representatives in this regard and they discussed on making telecom networks re-operational and relaunching telecom services provision to the aggrieved people of Ghazni on a timely manner.

Expressing his bounty regret and sorrow regarding Ghazni bloody event, Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Chairman asked Paradise for the martyred from the court of the Almighty Allah and wished the injured quickly recovery, he also added, “telecom services were disconnected during severe war and Ghazni people have been facing a lot of problems as a result”. He requested representatives of the telecom companies to use all their possibilities for ensuring reoperation of the networks and make the networks operational soon by any means possible.

He also pointed out to use all options at a maximum level such as operating mobile BTSs, automatic BTSs and national roaming.

Representatives of the companies assured ATRA with humanitarian feeling in this respect to use all their technical and material possible options so that telecom networks are soon made operational and exploited by Ghazni citizens.

Thanking good feelings of telecom companies’ representatives, ATRA Chairman once again asked them to pay attention in this regard at the end.