ATRA conducted a week training for the provincial staff of the authority working in 34 provinces. The training was officially begun with the presence of ATRA senior officials and the provincial staff

Mr. Naqibullah Sailab, ATRA Technical Vice-Chairman, spoke at the outset of the training and termed the objective of this program familiarizing the staff with ATRA new activities and approaches and as well as discussing on local offices problems and challenges.

Mr. Sayed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, also spoke about capacity building and addressing the staff’s problems and termed the above mentioned amongst the priorities of the authority, and thus the provincial employees were invited to come to the center so as to get more familiar with programs of ATRA, problems and ways for solving the problems through conducting such trainings for the staff.

It is worth mentioning that the training will last a week and all departments of ATRA are respectively supposed to share their programs and activities with the provincial staff and hear their performance reports and problems too.