ATRA collects and confiscates 234105 SIMs and 512 Sim Boxes from violators

Based on Telecom Act and SIMs registration procedure, selling SIMs as active and without registration is illegal in the market and the telecom companies and sellers holding permits from ATRA doing so are punished as per the law. Also based on article 861 of Afghanistan penal code and procedure for prevention of Sim Boxes operation, using Sim Box is illegal and those importing and using these devices are punished based on the law.

ATRA has prescribed procedures regarding SIMs registration as well as using Sim Boxes and thus actions are taken in cooperation with stakeholders to prevent such issues in accordance with the procedures.

In the highlight of Telecom Act provisions and SIM registration procedure, all telecom companies and SIM sellers are required to abide by the law and the procedure and those using SIM Boxes are culprits and once arrested and proved they are subject to judicial and legislative investigations.

ATRA supervises telecom market in the center and provinces on a regular basis based on the law and the procedure and serves actively to prevent illegal operations in cooperation with law enforcement bodies. As a result, ATRA has been able to collect and confiscate 234105 SIMS sold in contradiction to SIM registration procedure. Violating companies are to be investigated and then fines anticipated in the law shall be imposed upon them in regard to their violations according to the law. Further, ATRA has taken strict actions in regard to detection and confiscation of SIM Boxes so far and consequently 512 SIM Boxes have been collected from different locations and those used the boxes have been arrested by security organs and moreover their relevant files have been referred to the General Attorney so as to investigate criminal aspects of the case. Therefore, the mentioned issues are illegal telecom operations in the country.

ATRA has pursued these two matters seriously in addition to other tasks on continuous and regular manner and has always tried to prevent such illegal operations as well as required telecom companies providing high quality services at reasonable prices.

It is worth mentioning that ATRA is grateful to law enforcement bodies on issues this authority has been cooperated and afterward wishes further support from the mentioned bodies on their issues.