ATRA Celebrates 8 March (Marks Women’s Day)

Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (ATRA) celebrated women’s day in an auspicious ceremony participated by authority leadership, board members and staff of ATRA.

Congratulating this day, Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Chairman, spoke in the ceremony and highlighted women’s rights from Islam religion point of view and stated that, “Afghanistan is an Islamic society and Islam holy religion has given the complete rights to the women and thus they should be respected in the society”. He also heard comments and suggestions of the female and issued necessary instructions thereof in order to better improve work conditions within the authority for them.

Mrs. Jalalzoy, ATRA Board Member, later explained that a woman serves as a good mother, teacher and trainer in the community and lightens homes and further added “Woman is a candle she herself burns but gives light to the society”. She also stated there are plenty of problems to the women and good struggle is required to remove these barriers.

On behalf of the authority female staff, Mrs. Saadat Sultani spoke in the ceremony and said that, “Woman is half of the society and a man is not complete without a woman and thus women should be respected”.

In the end of the ceremony, appreciation letters were granted to the female staff and personnel of ATRA on this occasion.