ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman meets Customs Deputy Finance Ministry in regard to Country Customs Telecommunication Connectivity

Mr. Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Finance and Admin Vice-Chairman, met with Mr. Abdullah Raqeebi, Customs Deputy Finance Ministry and spoke on how to connect and equip country customs with ICT.

Mr. Hashemy said, “ATRA has allocated 375 million Afghani from TDF for country customs connectivity and equipping with ICT”, in the meeting.

Mr. Raqeebi appreciated ATRA cooperation and stated, “Necessary actions would be taken for performing and expediting procumbent process for customs connectivity and equipping with ICT”.

It is worth mentioning that funding country customs connectivity project is on hand while ATRA is funding several other projects regarding connectivity, internet and ICT equipment provision in respect with software and hardware in the current year.