ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman meets Abdul Qayum Raheemi, Herat Governor

Mr. Saed Bilal Hashemy, ATRA Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, and his accompying delegation had travelled to Herat met with Mr. Abdul Qayum Raheemi, Herat Governor, and spoke regarding telecommunication status in this province.

Introducing ATRA activities and achievements in the meeting, Mr. Hashemy spoke about ATRA accomplishments and plans in Herat province and termed the purpose of this travel attending the first ICT show and assessing telecommunication in the province.

Mr. Raheemi mutually welcomed the travel of ATRA senior officials to Herat and appreciated ATRA activities and achievements in this province. Having suggestions regarding telecommunication, He said that, “They would not spare any cooperation regarding retention and expansion of telecommunication with ATRA”.