Annual Coordinating Conference for the Telecom Directors of the Provinces held

17-19 Nov 2015
A three-day annual coordinating conference was held for MCIT provincial directors in Kabul. The conference was attended by H.E Abdul Razaq Vahidi, Minister of Communication, Deputy-Ministers and leadership of the ministry, telecom provincial directors and representatives of the media.

Inaugurating the conference, the Minister spoke on MCIT achievements during the last year, future plans of the ministry, role of the telecom sector for economic growth of the country, increase of national revenue, regional connectivity, way towards central Asia internet, telecom services fee, requirements for telecom services coverage, SIMs registration, expansion of telecom infrastructures in the country, digital TV broadcasts, establishment of understanding between Ministry of Communication and TV and Radio Union, execution of MOUs with other ministries, in particular, Education, Higher Education, Public Health in respect with connectivity of the educational and health centers through optical fiber and also execution of MOU with the world universities and centers on providing opportunity for long distance education in the Telecommunication and IT field to the Afghan students.
H.E Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, Chairman of the ATRA Board, then gave multilateral speeches on coordination between ATRA and the Telecom and Internet Companies, plans for next four years, extension, coverage and improvement of the telecom and internet services quality, and use of experiences from the world and regional countries in respect to provision of high quality telecom and internet services to the compatriots. He also termed attraction of foreign investments in the Telecom and IT sector and provision of the relevant services as one of the main objectives of the authority.
Mr. Azizi further had speeches on some of the ATRA projects and achievement of the IGF global objectives by 2020 and as well internet services rollout programs in the country, peculiarly, in the remote areas.
Presentations were presented regarding future activities and plans and coordination between center and the provinces in this conference. In addition, speeches, share and exchange of information and experience were made on multilateral basis for better fulfillments and solution of the existing problems.