Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) Tehchnical , and Admin and Finance Deputies Introduced

Technical, and Admin and Finance Deputies of ATRA were introduced in a ceremony held on this occasion.

Speaking in the introductory ceremony of the deputies, Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Chairman, introduced Mr. Naqibullah Sialab as Techincal Vice-Chairman and Mr. Sayed Bilal Hashemy as Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman of ATRA to the staff. He also expressed his pleasure for their appointment and termed their existence significant for improvement of the authority.

Authority Chairman said that, “ATRA is moving toward more empowerment and professionalism while expressing pleasure for designation of these two professional and specicalized persons”.

Mr. Naqibullah Sailab, Technical Vice-Chairman, later on spoke and assured to do his best with all staff of the authority for improvement of daily activities and serving the country.

Mr. Sayed Bilal Hashemy, Admin and Finance Vice-Chairman, also assured of his commitments and efforts in regard to assigned tasks in his speeches and added, “He would do his best for creating a proper system in the authority”.

Designation of the two persons was based on modifications were made within Telecom Act in regard to ATRA organization structure.