Afghanistan Pashai Tribe Council Appreciates ATRA Leadership

Date: April 17 2018
Afghanistan Pashia Tribe Council admired Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Chairman and Engineer Naqibullah Sailab, ATRA Vice-Chairman with appreciation letters for their eligible and effective services regarding telecom services expansion in recent years. The council also expressed their support for their positive activities and services in the future.

Appreciating representatives of Pashia Tribe Council in this meeting, Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi said, “Comprehensive actions and tireless efforts would be made for developing the country, in particular for expansion and improvement of telecom sector with help of the people”. He also thanked and admired the representatives of the council and asked them to continue their cooperation for betterment of services and protection of telecom sector and should work together for promoting the country.