A Meeting Held in regard to Dissimenation of Information and Promotion for Coordination Level on Optical Fiber Project Activities

Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) senior officials organized a meeting with Ministry of Public Work, Kabul Municipality, and Telecom networks holding fiber optic licenses in regard to roll-out activities for Optical Fiber projetcs and existing problems.

The relevant entities’ representatives expressed their problems and comments for development of optical fiber and as well coordination with other entities in the meeting. Representatives for Ministry of Public Work and Kabul Municipality asked for sharing plans and projects and as well implementing necessary criteria in regard to diggin, reparation and buildings related to projects and extension of optical fiber network by telecom companies. It was furhter stressed to promote work safety level of the projects.

Telecom Companies’ representatives then explained about lack of location for the optical fiber networks pipes on the route of roads and metropolitan areas within plans of Ministry of Public Work and Kabul Municipality and requested the above mentioned entities to take in to account the said issues in the future plans and cooperate them in this repsect.

Asking representatives of telecom companies and relevant entities, ATRA senior officials responded regarding discussed issue and asked the relevant parties to seriously pay attention on national capitals. For coordination, each telecom company introduced their representative to the ATRA who is spontaneously attending infrastructures sharing meetings of the Economy Minstry.