A large number of illegal telecom equipment collected from the market

ATRA has recently found and collected a larget number of illegal telecom equipment operating in the country and as well causing disturbances in signalling  in the cities. The equipment included Singal Booster and Frequency Repeater, that are illegal.

Having received complaints from telecom companies and citizens, ATRA supervising team has taken action on identifying and collecting the equipment and consequently a large number of the such equipment identified and collected from Kabul, Herat and Khust amongst other provinces.

The equipment is identified and collected based on the conditions of the permits for import and sale of the telecom devices where importing, selling and operating such equipment is prohibited, and further no any TTSP companies or license holders have the right to violate conditions contained within the permits.

It is worth mentioning that ATRA has carried out its activities on a pursuing manner in regard to service permits and where any violation is found and seen, the violators are treated based on the law.