16 Public Universities to be Connected with the Internet

Date: 10-May-2017

ATRA signed a contract with Ariana Network Services to provide internet bandwidth for 16 public universities in Afghanistan. The 16 universities including Baghlan Nasaji Block University, Kunduz Old Block, Balkh Medical Block and Education, Badkhshan, Sarpul, Nangarhar Medical and Tranining Hospital Block, Kunar, Herat Female Dormitory Education Block, Badghees, Urzgan, Farah, Ghor, Bamyan, Panjsher and Logar University will be provided with internet services on the basis of Telecom Development Fund (TDF) project with a financing amount of (29828700) Afs. The project contract is signed through completion of a legal process and approval of session no: 93 dated 17-1-1396 of the National Procurement Authority.