Optical Fiber Network Inaugurated in Logar Province


Amirzai Sangin Minister of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) inaugurated the Optical fiber network connecting Kabul with Logar provincial city. The work of this 65 Km link project has been started in 1389 and was recently completed. A meeting on the occasion was held in Logar, province which was attended by Minister Amirzai Sangin, members of parliament, Governor of Logar province, tribal leaders and a large number of media representatives.
The session began with a welcome speech delivered by Governor Mohammad Iqbal Azizi. Welcoming the minister of MCIT, he regarded the implementation of the project in Logar province as an important step towards development of the province. Afterwards, Minister Sangin expressed that “The purpose of this visit to Logar was to provide more telecom facilities and to address the needs and problems of the residents of this province in accordance to the president decree No. 45.”
Pointing out the last developments and existing challenges in this province, Minister Sangin considered the role and cooperation of the people important in all aspects of development in the country. He also mentioned that there was no proper telecom infrastructure and services in the country 10 years ago, while today 90 percent of the Afghan people benefit from the modern telecom services and the remaining 10 percent are going to be provided with the services in the future. He further added that investment in the telecommunication sector has provided employment opportunity for hundreds of Afghans. In addition, the mentioned sector indirectly supports livelihoods for around two hundred thousand families in the country.
In his addressing to the people, Minister Sangin also explained the advantages of 3G service especially for the young generation and said that the Optical fiber network is significant and necessary for better quality delivery of 3G services which will start soon in Logar province. The minister also spoke about telephone services, provided by Afghan Telecom and said:” Afghan Telecom starts providing 3G and GSM services in the near future. By this the quality and coverage of its services will also be expanded.”
At the end of the session, members of parliament, some tribal elders and provincial officials addressed the ceremony and promised their contribution to the security and effective utilization of the teleom facilities and services in the province.
Later, Mr Sangin was honored with an appreciation award certificate by the officials and residents of Logar province for his successful leadership of the sector. During his trip to Logar province, Minister Sangin inspected the telecom establishments in Char Asyab district of Kabul province as well.