ATRA Signs MoU with General Directorate of Nomads’ Affairs to Equip Nomads’ Schools with ICT

Date: 31 Jan 2018
ATRA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with General Directorate of Nomads’ Affairs at a press conference on 31 Jan 2018. The MoU was signed by Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Azizi, ATRA Chairman and Mr. Delawar Faizan, Director for Nomads’ Affairs Directorate. As per the MoU, three schools of the said directorate in Ghazni, Herat and Nangarhar provinces will be equipped with Information Technology (IT) equipments and internet services, utilizing TDF fund.

After signing the MoU, ATRA Chairman, Mr. Azizi spoke on the important role of ICTs in the education system of the country and said: “Equipping these schools with information technology and internet services will enable nomads’ students to use the services for learning purposes and this shall lead to bringing positive changes in their life”. Admiring ATRA, Mr. Delawar Faizian later on termed the MoU a positive step toward developing and promoting nomads’ life.